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Strategic management consists in
UNDERSTANDINGwhere we will be tomorrow, and not about where we would like to be,
ASSESSING what is possible to implement,
and DECIDING the position to be achieved.

John Francis Welch


Our mission is to assist investors or/and company top management in making the right strategic choices during key steps of their business development.

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Our offer in context

We support company managers, particularly in the context of underperformance or financial financial difficulties.

  • A significant drop in activity (order book, turnover, etc.), a loss of profitability, HR difficulties, and a fragile cash flow in an uncertain context make it difficult for a company to maintain its position. profitability, HR difficulties, a fragile cash flow in an uncertain context, all point to serious serious problems for the future of the structure.
  • The manager then needs local support to help him/her through this life cycle cycle as quickly as possible: refocusing the business, restructuring, drawing up business forecasts activity forecasts, approaches to financial partners for cash flow management and business financing and financing of its activity, before possibly implementing the procedures offered by French law (conciliation procedures available under French law (conciliation, safeguard, etc.)

Our approach

As the difficulties have multiple and cumulative origins, we propose a multi-expertise approach to quickly analyse the company’s situation in 4 key areas:

  • Its financial resources
  • Its human resources
  • Its legal environment
  • Its strategy

To do this, we pool the specific skills of three firms, which allow us to develop a holistic approach to the problems encountered:

What we propose

A flash diagnosis

Carried out at 360° within 8 to 15 days depending on the size of the company for rapid decision making.

It covers the areas of finance, HR, legal and strategy in order to identify the problems and the action levers to be implemented to deal with the problems encountered in the very short term.
We can assist in the implementation of these emergency measures (preparation of files, participation in meetings, communication with the participation in meetings, communication with the Co-Director, employees, shareholders, etc.)

Strategic thinking

A more in-depth analysis to establish a strategic roadmap with the objective of relaunching, sustaining and the business, make it sustainable and develop it.

The support allows :

  • Establish a 3-5 year strategic focus and set objectives
  • Assess the human and financial resources needed
  • Develop a strategy with the main lines of action for 3-5 years and an operational action plan for 1 year. plan of action for 1 year.
  • Define the steering procedures (organisation, management charts, etc.)

Operational support

Operational support in the implementation of the strategic plan.

Based on our respective operational experiences, we can set up support operational support in HR, finance, marketing and sales management, legal management legal departments.