Our customers share their experience ….

I decided to acquire my present company thanks to the analysis and the vision that Inteva Consulting provided me about its business prospective. LB, President, SME, 30 people.
Within a context of an external growth, Inteva Consulting brought us concrete and invested answers, not only based on their knowledge of our company but exploring also new options coming from their own investigation and analysis. O.S, President- Mid CAP company- 900 people.
The experience of Inteva Consulting regarding international strategy has been decisive for us to succeed setting targets and priorities, and achieving our strategic plan for export. P.L. Partner- StartUp.
Inteva Consulting understands the SME’s corporate culture. It succeeded easily in managing our operating processes and integrating our teams. Its knowledge about export allowed us to move ahead with good practices and profesionnalism. C.V. President, SME- 125 people.