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Strategic management consists in
UNDERSTANDINGwhere we will be tomorrow, and not about where we would like to be,
ASSESSING what is possible to implement,
and DECIDING the position to be achieved.

John Francis Welch


Our mission is to assist investors or/and company top management in making the right strategic choices during key steps of their business development.

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Our offer

Strategy consulting

We contribute to highlight business situation and prospective, identifying actions levers relevant to the studied topic, and assessing different strategic paths in order to achieve the fixed objectives and targets.
The studied issues can cover different kind of business contexts: development, creation, divestment, merger or acquisition.
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We establish customized training programs on request for companies, public institutions or professional training centers.
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Our Expertise

We have developed specific expertise about the industry and also about international business environments.
We mainly deal with SMEs and mid-cap companies.
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Our valuable practices

We provide working practices together with optimized support, respecting agreed budgets and deadlines.
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Our strong operating knowledge
and vision of the business

Our strong operating company experience ensures we bring you efficient and realistic advice, adapted to the specific company context and resources.
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