Our commitment

After a first meeting (or meetings) designed to fully understand the client’s issues, we submit a concrete business proposal.

This proposal outlines the suggested approach to deal with the company’s concern. It includes a comprehensive account of the analytical work to be carried out as well as a list of the deliverables. A detailed planning is appended, itemising the various work phases, their completion dates, people involved in the process and the related costs.

Once the proposal is agreed upon, a formal contract of cooperation is drafted and submitted to the client.

We commit to ensure the strict confidentiality of all data communicated by the client before, during and after completion of the project. The same confidentiality rules apply to the conclusions and recommendations of the project.

The names of our customers and the nature of the consultancy work provided cannot be released during the course of the projects. The identity of clients will only be used for reference purposes with their formal approval and after completion of projects.